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Alexander deSteiguer was born in Dhahrhan, Saudi Arabia to Steven Craig and Judith Patricia deSteiguer on February 13th, 1984. His mother and father were working in the oil and gas industry there for Aramco. Shortly after Alex was born, the family moved to Liverpool, England, Alex's mothers home town. After a few years there, the family relocated again to Texas to see his fathers side of the world in Houston. They spent the next 23 years until went to college in San Marcos and Austin then he moved back to Houston for his mothers' battle with Brain Cancer and her unfortunate passing in 2008. That's when his life would change forever! Alex decided to move down to the coast and Galveston, Texas and soon after met his beautiful Jennifer, the love of his life and the mother of his children, Banks and Judith.


During Alex's time in Galveston he has been the Operations Manager at Ryson Vacation Rentals helping his great friend and ex-business partner Jason build the largest vacation rentals and property management company on Galveston Island.

Alex was a founding member and owner in Raymond Banks Construction and Landscape during that time as well. Building a second business alongside a very demanding full time in position with a company which truly had his heart and soul  (meanwhile raising two babies) proved to be a task. His wife Jennifer was building Island Mermaid Cleaning through those years simultaneously.  In 2018, Jennifer and Alex decided that it was going to be a must for one of them to slow our workload to better focus on one entity and the children. So, with that Alex resigned from Ryson, sold his portion of RBC&LS and joined the Island Mermaid crew full time. Alex and Jennifer worked on her business together until August of 2019. Unfortunately, the family lost Jennifer unexpectedly in September of 2019. The children and Alex are starting fresh by taking a new approach to our family business and focusing on the Finer Side of Property. 

How "Finer Side"  started and what we represent~


The Finer Side of property was designed and developed with "the property lover, the vacation rental investor or the adventurous beach goer and second home owner" in mind. The reason for the "Finer Side" of property is that we give you back life's, most precious commodity - TIME! 


"I know that being a parent, homeowner and business owner can weigh heavily on the necessities of  everyday life and the actual completion of those matters. Well I am here to tell you adding an additional property can create more chaos than you might need. Even maintaining the one you already have can be overwhelming! Nevertheless, Finer Side is here for you in that aspect and many many more. FSOP would love to come out and meet you, discuss a professionally tailored property care plan that's just the right fit for your needs and have you and your home join our ever growing family of properties and owners. Thank you for visiting our site." Alex 

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